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27 January 2011

FEBRERO: The Story So Far

Well. We've released a new album called FEBRERO.
It was edited by KinGem Records.

It was played with the full band with the collaboration of many friends, such as Stars in Coma (SW), Anthony Rochester (USA) and The Brigadier (UK).

It cost 4 years to write songs, play'em live and record it along with Manuel Magnani, Mike Leffe, Porlock, Dendrix, Simona Rovida, Andrea Lucchi.

We made a video

And some songs preview for you

You can buy it here

Here's some notes for audience and press

February has always been a crucial period for me. It was February when I realized I had to start a new life, it was February when I was left alone, it was February when I wondered from pub to clubs asking my friends what could have been a real cool name for an album. The answer was quite clear, after I began to work on it’s first track.

“February” - the song - brought me a lot of luck. I had no idea I was about to form a band when I wrote it. It was just a reflection on some dark feelings I lived and some sort of tribute to Hideaki Kanno’s movie “Love & Pop”. Then the chorus came, and I wondered about Tomoko Kawase killing her fictional character Tommy February6 to resurrect as a new character as Tommy Heavenly6. February was not such a bad name for an album after all. In a month Tiny Tide were formed, and I guess that it’s mostly due to that first demo.

Why “Febrero” then? As Tiny Tide began to record the first songs we had a lot of connection with Latin American stuff and Spanish contacts. We were really close to Belanova Fanclub, we even covered their song “Niño”, even broadcasted on the National Mexican Radio, we had the pleasure to get in contact with a team of indie girls called “Grupies Totales” (see the track “Total Groupie”) from Valencia, and we featured the Spanish compilation “Pop Nation” for Bon Vivant Records.

It was a newexperience to start thinking about my songs as something played by a band in front of an audience and not only by this boy in a room for some other insane youngster with somekind of devide stuck in his hears. We started to play together, tear apart, meet new bands and friends during collaborations and live show.

So, what is Febrero after all? An alternative score on a niche Japanese movie? An album on winter? A tribute to David Bowie and The Beatles? A Via Crucis on the denial and acquiescence of my bleeding heart? Just a reflection on those days indie scene? Don’t really know. This album goes for those four years that binded our paths to a unique unforgettable tracks.


FEBRERO - This song reflects the opening sequences of Hideaki Kanno’s movie “Love & Pop”.
A girl is pondering on the last moments of her empty life before drowning in a swimming pool.
The song is also a tribute to the Japanese singer Tomoko Kawase.

TINY TRAINS - Second song inspired by “Love & Pop”.
I have always been fashinated by trains, as I find them very adventurous and relaxing,
Trains symbolize new adventures and unpredictable connections to new people.
The song started with Porlock suggesting to make a song in a Pizzicato 5 style, but I guess it changed over time.
I also wanted to experiment a bit trying to write a canon(Don't know what you mean here). The choirs are deeply influenced by Wayne Coyne.

THE PSYCHOPATH AT THE CLUB - This song is a collage of bands' name and songs, being my futile attempt to try and get into the so called “indie scene” in 2006.
It’s cleatly a nod to Fanfarlo's “The Kids At The Club”, but you can see a lot of retro-influences in here as well. First demo was recorded with Fabio Benni from Le Man Avec Les Lunettes.
He was also the one suggesting the song should have sounded like a “Scary Monster” track by David Bowie. That’s why I needed the help from Andrè Brorsson from Stars in Coma.

GIRLS FROM RONTA - This song was intentionally written to be a hit, and it was fun to see how voices soon spread in my town refering to “a boy who had made a track that really rocks”.
Ronta is a very small town close to another tiny town nearby my tiny little city.
The most common comment from girls from my place is: “Are there even Girls in Ronta?”.
I put Beach Boys, Ash, Primal Scream, Blur in a superblender and came out with yet another mock on the local indie scene, where girls are trying to catch up with fashion in a not so cosmopolitan town.

A SONG FOR EMI - Definetly a tribute to Elliott Smith.
Manuel always said this is the song he wants to play his children to put them to sleep.
The song stars as a consolation to a girl, but in the end it’s all about four lads from Liverpool who changed our lives with their songs.

GINGER GENIE - Clearly a mock on a quite famous song from Mr. David Bowie.
It all started with a sequence of notes in a Nancy Sinatra style.
Porlock brought new life to our first version with a totally unespected synth solo on my little Alesis Micron.

KITTY JESUS - Writing an album called “FEBERERO” was not in my mind when I wrote this song, neither playing in a band. Still it was my first attempt not to write something personal but trying to catch people's attention with typical indie/twee scene motives such as cats, hand claps, two open chords along with la la la la choirs. The song was clearly influenced by McCartney and a show called “Andy Milonakis”. Oh, yeah! There were an olympionic marathone crossing my town that year.

SILVER STAR - The first version of this song was called “SILVIA”.
11 years has passed. It is still a nice little tune. I turned the song in some kind of cowboy anthem on the braveness of finding the strength to carry on where there's no one else but ourselves.

SCRAMBLED EGGS - First “Yesterday”’s title. It’s no secret at all. I wrote this song a little bit later, in 1993. At least it was always winter! A sunny day. I went to visit my mother in her shop, and I was blown away by the unespected presence of a girl I suddently felt in love with.
Like snow melting in the sun, this feeling lasted only a day, but it was enough for me to write a song. The first title of the song was “3 Minutes Sun”.
I added some lyrics and the psychadelic coda for a new version to finally have André Brorsson totally reinvent the arrangement in a day,
only to find the song destroyed along with his old hard disk. Lucky for me he sent it to me before it was lost in the digital grayeyard!

MASK ME MASK ME MASK ME - In Italy we’ve got a strange celebration called “Carnevale”.
It’s basically our Halloween, and it was inevitable to have a song about people masking themselves for parties on an album called “Febrero”. The song was deeply influenced by a band from Bristol called “Santa Dog”.

We had the honour to share a little Italian tour with them, and we got to know some very special human beings. Guess there’s a little bit of Morrissey’s distress and life bugs here as well, as the tune talks about a very popular celebrity unable to lead a normal life among other people outside his home. He feels sad and alone, so he prays to this girl to change his life, and to hide his persona under a new identity in order to get some fun and meet people in obscure parties.
It’s a song about dreaming of redemption in desperate times, I suppose. Aren’t we all dreamers after all? Last line goes out to a band called Ramones.

TOTAL GROUPIE - This song was made as a tribute to the Spanish indie team of “Grupies Totales”. It’s all about the ‘70s and a movie called “Almost Famous”.
Although there’s a specific line that goes to Cisco from “Tiger! Tiger”, trying to catch him while directin all the members of “I’m From Barcelona” on the top of a chair.
Andrea Lucchi from “Stones of Venice” brought new life to the song thanks to his typical guitar arpeggio and a catchy upbeat drum.

LOVER / LOSER - This is the last song I wrote for Febrero. The song started with the intention of trying to involve Fabio Benni in a duo pretending to be Paul McCartney and David Bowie on a song that never meant to be.
I never got an answer from Fabio, so I just carried on the song by myself trying not too hard to get to schizoid. At first the song was meant to be about Abraham Lincoln (born February the 12th) and his homonymous jazz player, but the dichotomic idea of Lover Vs Loser came to my mind and the tune was completely changed.
The song is done almost by myself, except from Anthony Rochster providing a marvellous Hammond Organ.

BEACHVOLLEY FIELDS FOREVER - One sunday morning I woke up, sharing the bed with a real cute lady. I sneaked to my keyboard and I started to play this song. “What’s that?”, she said half asleep. “It just came to my mind, its’ something from Lenny Kravitz”.
I said that because I woke up after having dreamt about hearing Lenny at the Radio.
The rest of the melody came to my mind after few days, but the track remained without lyrics for nearly 7 years. Never recorded. Only in my head. The name for the title came to my mind during a winter walk by the sea, complaining to myself on how beach volley fields were given more and more space from the beach every year. In time the song became some sort of Strawberry Fields 2.0. Take it away.

VALENTINE DISCO NIGHT - One day me and my ex-girlfriend went out from a restaurant on a Valentine Night, when I received a strange call from a friend: “Marco is dead”. We were quite scared at first, since a friend of ours died not so long ago in a car crash.
It turned out to be Marco Pantani. This song is about him too, but in the end you will find many Valentine experiences I had summed up into one relieving and reveling chant.
I tried to ignore the elephant in the room for the whole February, but in the end here it is.
Still hurt, shaking, down on the ground, waiting for a new March to bring the sun back.

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