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9 January 2011

Katsuragi, it's me...

This are the first words from the last call of Ryoji Kaji to Misato Katsuragi, NERV Operation Director in Hideaki Kanno anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. Not exactly an happy ever after one, but a very intense fictional relationship that moved a lot of otaku more than ten years ago. And since Rimauli from Annemarie keeps on asking me for more imaginary lovesongs -and I'm already risking to be arrested for bigamy - I looked back into the past for memories that really made my days.

Guess I drove a little too far into Pink Floyd Road in the end. Hope I won't get lots!

Katsuragi, it's me by tinytide

Here's the lyrics:

"Katsuragi, it's me...
I guess I'll cause you troubles when you're listening to this
Forgive what I did
Do tell our common friend I'm sorry for this twist

And dealing with troubles
since that's what you'll got
I want to give another task to you
I could not carry on
Take care of all the old plants
I planted on my own

I would be glad if you'd decide to water what I've grown
You know where they belong....

There's more I want to say
I guess you'll have to be more than a brave girl after that
The truth now is with you
Just carry on, don't esitate, whatever blocks the way

And dealing with feelings
I can't hold my heart
I'd dare to share another night with you
But soon I'll fall apart
Take care of all the moments
We grew in better days

If I ever see you again
I'll say the words
that I couldn't say
eight years ago

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