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30 January 2011

Peynet Lovers

I always had a romantic view of life. Relationships were no exception. I can understand sometime it's hard being in the mood for dreaming of stars and dove, but if I get to choose I stand for being in a harmless comic rather than a gloomy cynical reality. Part of the "Impossible Love Songs" project, guess that this "Peynet Lovers" it's all about that, rushed by the will of introducing my old Casio PT-82 to listeners and friends.

Peynet Lovers by tinytide

Here's the lyrics:

"Peynet Lovers
15 years old dreams spent on
Peynet Lovers
Art school and beer where meant for
Peynet Lovers
Sweeping the floor from drawings
Peynet Lovers
Chocolate boxes gone for

Make more money to stay in Paris
Rendevus, sitting on benches
while a long hair dude
right from the bandstand
playing sweet sweet tunes
enliving his violin

We're not supposed to rush
It's not like it's a trap
When did we start to fight?

We can't go on living just pretending it's so peachy

We're not
Peynet Lovers
Too many heartbreaks killed
Peynet Lovers
Can't get an answer stright from
Peynet Lovers
Papercut passions now burn
Peynet Lovers
Look at us running from

Love and poems
Live touring worldwide
Dolls and scarves
Valence to Hiroshima
Craftsman said
Long live the bride we look like
praying in prada dresses

It's almost Valentine
My mood it's cold and far
Don't feel like I could smile
Sometime I might lose my charm and I don't wanna live like we are

Peynet Lovers
Holding eachothers like sweet
Peynet Lovers
Whimsy and shiny just like
Peynet Lovers
Welcome to real world my
Peynet Lovers
We're going crazy for

Blueboy Covers
Walker Brothers
Gardens Clovers
Peynet Lovers"

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