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7 January 2011

Jesus Green

And here's another one from the songs that are waiting in a little box of my room to come out but I felt the urgence to write. It's called "Jesus Green", and it's dedicated to my friends in Albion. I tried to picture the perfect lazy summer day in a distant peaceful country. See ya there in 2011.

Jesus Green by tinytide


"Have you ever heard 'bout Jesus Green
Quite a miracle for you to see
Not a soul around just skies and green
While the summer slow things endlessly
the swimming pool was laying calm and still
the perfect place to have a walk in peace
In Jesus Green

See Victoria from the common land
Always dreamy with a book at hand
Hope that William won't get too upset
gonna wake her up one of these days
River came to rest and Jesus locked the gates
wouldn't be a shame to lose that graceful day
in Jesus Green"

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