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26 March 2011

Little Soul Rock

My intention was to try to make a jpop song as a tribute for my Japanese friends hit by so many terrible things in so little time, but somehow seems like I ended to write my first Paul Simon song. Anyway, here's my song. I really needed to express my feelings on what happened so far away over the sea. It could happen to you as well, and it wouldn't be right. Anyway, anyhow, anywhere. Let's hold on to what's precious above all in times of trouble. If Japan has a virtue has to be found in the braveness of its people... so GANBATTE KUDASAI NIHON!

Little Soul Rock by tinytide


"Little soul
Hangin' on the town
Little soul
Look at what we've lost
So many things we've lost are gone
And now I need to be alone
With the one I love
The one who's singing
Little soul words
Need to listen close
To your heart beat
fast and loud

Little Soul Rock

Little Soul
We cracked the core
Little Soul
Reach the very source
Our safety is planted in the trash
Is getting daily deemed at last
Let the Motown stars
Show up in droves
With lil' soul claps
And then collapse
to their best sound
Anything loud"

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