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21 March 2011

Real Life

Back from Rome. I spent 3 days with a couple of friends and loads of pop (we were there for Roma Pop Fest indeed). It was fun. Three days doin' nothing but walkin', drinking', eatin and listening and dancing to fine music.

Last day, when I woke up in the hotel, I had TWO strange dreams. Before waking up, a radio in my dreams was broadcasting this "parallel universe" Verve song. I tried to rush a first acoustic version just to remember it, since my real goal now is to record at least a cover from I Demoni, a band we saw at the Festival that really made our days! (now I'm a superfan!)

Guess you'll have to wait for that anyway. My Alesis Soundcard hit the floor for the third time and seems like it finally managed to crash :(

So enjoy this demo by now. Sayonara.

Real Life (First Acoustic Demo) by tinytide


"So here I was
here I was
running up those stairs to get the highest floor
I was there
I saw the light
'was about to knock but doubts came in my mind

Was that I
To get by
I am so sure
I didn't realized

Mama was gone
Papa's gone too
no one is left inside to call to
open up the door and let me cross the line

is the realtime
this is the real time
the real life
the real
after life

So here it was
about time
fun was nearly over so we said goodbye
we had our days
all a lie
as we foundthat nothing really has passed by
So we hanged out
reaching homes
and the radio never stopped to play that silly song

Richard is gone
Nick has gone too
drugs didn't work so I'm resting too
Running up that green to reach the blue"

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