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2 March 2011

Think 'bout Yuka

've always been fond on Yuka Honda, the cute clever half behind Cibo Matto. I knew that band thanks to a magazine review, back in 1995, when Internet was quite out of hands for the times. At least in Italy. But it was only in 1996 I got the chance to find the band first album in Dublin. It was gold. Since they made me noticed that Wiki wants a collection of songs to last at least 35 minutes to be called an album, I choose the chanteuse as final muse for my "impossible love songs" collection, mixing lyrics with memories of those days in Dublin. Any reference to the number stations enigma is a mere conspiracy against pop music.

Thinking 'Bout Yuka by tinytide

It wasn't meant to be you
It just wasn't meant to be you
The bus had stop and you got on,
we drove and we got lost

You rose your thumb

Then pinky came
and it was clear

You wanted me to come

I guess there's something more

And now she's asking me
why I'm so late and didn't call

I was thinking 'bout Yuka

(You can never really tell what happens after that)
I was thinking 'bout Yuka
(You can trust your feelings, nothing matters in your head)
I was thinkig 'bout Yuka
(You call for another drink, she's blending with your hand)
Thinking 'bout Yuka

Thinking 'bout Yuka
Thinking 'bout Yuka
Thinking 'bout

Double Virgin' Megashore was meant to be the stage
Acting other lovers lines from long forgotten days
"don't know what I'm doin sweetheart, but I'll never stop"
Music be the food of love... play on

You were talking 'bout Mika
(Can't you really tell that now it's happening the same)

You were talking 'bout Mika

(c'mon close the door, forget about your past)
You were talking 'bout Mika
(caravan get goin', no need to be left)

Hand some na kanajo shojo marmalade joy ribbon merging out paths shame blame ash in your tray test rest so young at heart love fast you're mine at last gone"

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