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12 July 2008


Each time I see the word "Mask" suddently the late 80's cartoon flashes on my mind. Masks. Carnivals, and a traditional Italian february tradition that it's very similar to the american Halloween. Here in Italy we've got a thing called "Carnevale". It's a day, put randomly on February, in an unpredictable criterio that I never really understood, on which we cook a lot of traditional cookies and sweets, we gather in parties with masks (like the big cerimony in Venice) throwing confetti and colouret paper stuff. Ok. You got it. It's Carnevale.

That song (clearly a tribute to Smiths) wants to catch the feelings of those days, that is the chance to be someonelse for one day, hiding from problems and reality in a sort of dimensional bubble, like being projected in an mirror world at least for one day.

This is only a rushed first acoustic version of the song. A friend of mine asked for it, he got it. And now here it is for the joy of little ones.

Tiny Tide - Mask Me Mask Me Mask Me (Acoustic Version)

Here's the lyrics

Well you know how I'm feeling these days
Life became so popoular
and I don't know how I could escape
everyday I try to keep me sane

If you knew how to get out of jail
turn these bars to paper art
and take me away from here

it's so clear
every inch of air is made of atmosphere
bring the dance and chase the stars
hold me close and try to

Mask Me Mask Me Mask Me
Make me know you really really care

Mask Me Mask Me Mask Me
Let's pretend we're lovers till the end

I got so bored of this grave
death is but a commonplace
guess there's more tho live out in the lane
where confetti meets soap-bubble's rain

If you knew how to resuscitate
turn the door in pepple-stones
and take me out of here

have no fear
every bit of joy was made for you to steal
smiles and cheers and jollypops
reach the brightest star and

Mask Me Mask Me Mask Me
Make me know you really really care

Mask Me Mask Me Mask Me
Let's pretend it's not over s till the end

Uh..... catchy!

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