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9 December 2009

Complimentary Us

It was nice playing on Giodì. Why? The place was reeeeeally nice, and all our best and supportive friends where there too! :)

"Needful Things" never went so good, and our first live execution of "Valentine Disco Night" was a blast! I was not too sure 'bout my rushed first presentation for "TOP", but Porlock (he was in the audience with our first drummer Joe Pistocchi) seems to have liked it a lot, along with "Silver Star", another track that is getting better all the time! (Just quoting Beeedols!)

We began a little bit late, so the landlord asked us to rush our way to the finale. I asked to the audience if they prefered "February" or "Mask Me Mask Me Mask Me". Guess what? They went for the latter! "February" is possibly our second most popular track, and I was really proud seing this new song getting more and more popular each time we play it. Good! :)

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