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13 December 2009


Tonight I've been buisy writing a song. This time for another band, called "Le Mulin Blanc". They're into a project called Neo Italo Movement, basically a revival of new songs in an old Italo Disco Style. Guess what? They've been so quick that a first demo is already aviable... here! Here's the lyrics...

"There's no poin denying it
It won't go away
just unfreeze reality
and prepare yourself
keeps coming back
face to face
that dope dudette
in hellish awesome shirt
was she so bad
batcaver out of deck

My My Mumarcord
She's stepping out tonight
to my Mumarcord
No better place to run
dance and remember
never surrender
to failures and romance
at my mumarcords

Fighting crime on nightlife
Was never in my plane
But Hanna is a character
a Secret Squirrel fan
We had a laugh
on flash and lights
those blurry days of freedom
let's celebrate our youth right there
Barbera pours on my

My My Mumarcord
Gather all your friends
to my Mumarcord
Private room access
Drink and remember
Old' time romancer
Excess and brunettes
My My Mumarcord

Slow down broadies over there
Put your corny jokes away
Devilishly clever villains
deserve to escape
it's not too late"

One of the rules of this movement was dealing with the possibility of writing a love song about nightlife. One of my favourite places in Cesena was called Amarcord (it was a pizza house), and I was thinking that the Fellini reference would have been... exquisite! Starting singing the choir on my (my) mind, I began to look for some kind of double maning such as "Mama Hardcore", still I wasn't able to fit it in the metric of the song. So I cheated and I went for an even more incomprehensible "Mumarcord". The Secret Squirrel references were all put in the song to please a DJ friend of mine :)


WildHeart said...

Maybe it's my poor hear, but the bass seems to be violating rule 3. about the changes on every 1/4... :P
Still better than I could do... ^_^

20nd said...

No. You're right. I cheated :D
That's the hardest rule of all.

20nd said...

Would you like to re-do the bass if I provide you the track?