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24 December 2009

Sweet Tooth For XMAS

Hell yesss. Against any kind of probability,I got the chance to play for once in a lifetime with "The Magic Mushroom", the Christmas Indie Cover Band leaded by A Nice Person playing once a year for Christmas during the seasonal "Chistmas Pop", held at Diagonal in Forlì by AirPop DJSet. It was great! Manuel was in there too (Manuel was actually STEALEN from The Magic Mushroom) and with Frapiccini on bass+guitar I had nothing to worry about than using three fingers to play Osamushi (my Alesis Micron Synth), the glockenspiel (somebody was thinkin I was gone insane and decided to crush an iMac with a stick) and doing some backvocals. The hardest part? I knew I had to play in there 4 hours before playing the songs for the first time! Keep it indie!

Diagonal was really crowded, and the show was really succesful, possibly being the "Walk Away Renee" from Left Banke cover the best song played, having anyway the warmest feedback from the hall when Bando (one of the two AirPop DJs) came on the stage to croone The Smiths classic "Please Please Please"

Thank you Magic Mushroom. It was a real pleasure indeed :)

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