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23 May 2007

Ginger Genie {Lyrics}

She's some kind of evil sent to Earth to bring you pain
No wonder she's offensive 'cause you drove her out of grace
Her mind somewhere up in the clouds through thunderbolts and flames
she's lighting up a cigarette while cats and dogs sweat rain
Don't worry 'bout the picture
can't you see that you got framed
She's with another devil you can stay or go to hell

a bit meany
Ginger Genie
She knows how to play
Beat Dizzy
Ginger Genie
Won't stop or delay
hot Steamy
Ginger Genie
She wants you to play
Beat Freakie
Ginger Genie
It's hard to obey

Wish number one: you're so divine, dance with me until the end of time
Wish two: I wish you would turn me on before you got me blue
Hold back that number three. Yes' I'm coming to town and you gotta be free

But you don't even listen nor pretend of being there
While you need her sweet assistance she's forgetting all your spells
There is no magic word my dear to bring her back to shells
She's sparkling all her freckles while she smiles away from friends
Don't worry about the silence and the smell of what remains
It's cinnamon and sulphur from that girl you sent to hell.

a bit meany...

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