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24 May 2007


The point is that we have:
a) Revolution (The Single)
b) Revolution #1
c) Revolution #9

... so why non trying to filling the gaps and wonder what's the point in having a revolution 40 years after a band called LesBeat started it all. You know. When you're young every single thing is a new discovery, even when we're dealing with concepts as old as humanity is. So it happened that in my youngster era I came into a Franco Battiato tv that really impressed me. Franco Battiato is an Italian artist more close to a philosopher than a songwriter. He had his point in the interview saying that he didn't believe in violent mass revolutions, because our memory is very poor and history is a never ending repetition of human mistakes. He concluded saying that the only true revolution that can redeem humanity is a inner change in the behaviour and consciousness of us all. That's why a song is more powerful than your guns. But have you ever tried to stop bullets with a guitar? Maybe only Pantera knows...

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