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7 May 2007

A song for EMI

(Pic taken from Mojo Magazine)

Life is strange. Strange indeed. Quite as double strange as Internet is. The fact is that a "friend of mine", Amy, was hill a few days ago, and asked for me to write her a song to cheer her up.

Of course I never met Ami in all my life, and I "know" her as well since about a week. Of course again: who am I not doing a favour for a friend? :)

And so I started to wonder about a sweet lullaby for Amy very soon teased by the tiny difference that between name Amy and Emi, mutating the song in a bitter surreal invective on the notorious music label and money/rights related matters between the corporation and - guess who - The Beatles :)

So, dear Amy, I hope you're fine by now and you're happy with the song (the first part is at 90% for you in a true way) and that Mariah Carey will give a smirk at it if she'll ever stumble on that one. Or Whoever is in charge of EMI Music Corp right now.

These are the lyrics of the song:

"Everytime that you're feeling down

look up for wings to be found
Since your smile's been fed up with lies
It's true, it's trust you would try
When you're weak, heart can't make a sound
be quiet, behold the new loud

by and by
let by, Emi will be fine

And they sang not to let them down
but you just left London Town
Since their words have been trade up with rights
what's left are scruffs on advertise
Now they're done, but they still got rhymes
Beware, we're the next in line

by and by
say goodbye
Emi will be fine"

Here you can listen to my demo of the song, just played by myself and recorded on a quiet sunday:

"A song for EMI"

Let us know...

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