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14 May 2007

Tiny Trains

This is my second attempt do a song inspired to the movie "Love & Pop".

The director of the movie (Hideaki Anno) frequently uses to point out the childish behaviour of "otaku-generation" adults in his works. This time Anno handles model-trains not to repeat himself with animations and cartoons references and icons. So that the little tiny trains become a metaphor of a secure world build upon our wishes and imagination.

This is for the inspiration, what for the music?

That was the attempt to compose a track divided in two parts, the first of wich should have been a slow j-pop tune with a canon and a choir half between Oasis and Pink Floyd. Obviously the demo had his way in its own direction.

The Chorus wonders on a strange idea I had one day while dinning a about evolution and devolution, watching two friends of mine arguing for silly things. What if animals millions and millions of years ago did known how to speak, but words becomes so useless that they had given up to communicate concepts? Maybe animals have got a superior acknowledge of themselves inside the universe that mankind hasn't reached yet.

Still we live our lives like the parallel tracks of a train, living together for a lifetime and never even try to have a contact with each other even once.

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