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10 May 2007

The Psychopath At The Club

This song starts clearly with a mock of "The Kids At The Club", an indie anthem by Comet Gain, that me and some friends of mine used as a title for our monthly indie nights as djs. After spending 2 years djsetting, partying, seeing gigs, we came to consider that maybe "The Psychopath At The Club" would have been a more suitable title for that nights, looking around for a sane person or situation and finding none.

So I started playing with words, and in particular for that fucking "path" in the end of the world, and tried to get a little Morrisseian for one in a while. I ended to be Pulp in disguise, and I guess that Bowie and Brett Anderson would find themselves comfortable in that song to...

The lyrics are a ensemble of suggestions and quotes from band names and songs lyrics, and I tried to have it a little musical too adding the reference on Dedalo, that I guess it's probably "Dedalus" in English. But it wouldn't have rhymed with "go" anyway :)
Fabio Benni from Le Man Avec Le Lunettes had a listen to that song... and he enjoyed the demo so much that proposed to add choirs in it. He did a marvellous job, with extreme pro and care, giving the song a kind of Zooropesque touch.

Thanks Fabio... we're waiting for the whole production :P

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