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27 May 2007

Go Head NOW!

Not falling in love with some bands is just impossible. So it came with a sweden one called "LaCrosse" (can't see why but we're gettin attention from all non English speaking bands in the world, from Norway to Argentina, you can easely wonder why).

Their avatar has a pig and donkey puppet one in front of the other, and then it happened I asked them if they were kissing or fighting. The brilliant reply was:"They do are kissing! But, you know, sometimes love can turn into fight and so the opposite". It was love (maybe also because the name of the singer is Nina)

The band asked us to do a cover of one of their tracks, as they will do the same. I choosed "Go Ego Go", and you can see here the results after a cloudy sunday spent at home recording it. I changed some chords and added some extra lines. The aim was to try to came out with a new sound totally different from the one of the band, so I found myself with this electro-samba-pop trying to melt Cornelius, Beck, Pet Shop Boys and Holly Johnson in the same pot! Guess I still got work to do...

"Go Ego Go" - LaCrosse

"Go Ego Go" - Mark Zonda

1 comment:

Zonda said...

E' piaciuta! Meno male! Io mi stavo gia' cagando in mano per il lungo silenzio! Sicuramente sarebbe da cantare piu' decentemente e vedere le equalizzazioni