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15 May 2007

Tiny Trains {Lyrics}


Let's take a train and let's go
Just pick a track and let flow
Parallel lines
Beating the time
as long there's steel in your eyes


Trees go by on ceramic floors
See the station near the close door
Locomotive put aside
heedless daddy doesn’t mind
we'll never reach the station


Have you ever wondered
'bout animals?
Standing still on plastic hills
they wouldn't move
they cannot tell nor talk
Seems like they forgot the words
when they realized
that noting worth the toils.
Freedom just a state of mind
takes away
your logic for a ride


Have you ever wondered
'bout artefacts
standing by beside the clock
they wouldn't cry
they cannot tell nor talk
seems like men forbade them words
when they realized
they only would annoy
Freedom just a state of mind
running wild
on tiny trains to ride


WildHeart said...

Proprio questa domenica ho lavorato un paio di ore a Tiny Trains. Adesso comincio ad avere qualche idea...

Zonda said...

Oggi pom se mi ricordo ti "lancio i componenti" di "A Song for EMI"