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16 May 2007

Girls from Ronta

Another task was to compose an appealing indie song. That's when I pushed myself gathering my concentration trying to build up the most stupid silly tune of ever: "Girls from Ronta". I mean... it all started with "I'm from Barcelona", then the world of unsigned music was all filled up with "Men from Argentina", "Trains to Brazil", "Postcards from Italy" and whatever an exotic souvenir could bring in your mind. So I thought: "we had -Girls from Mars-, we had -Country Girl-... why not a -Girl from Ronta-?"

I started to thing about tunes and words for the chorus every moment of those days, tuning in some kind of brain-station of mine bringing to mind what would suite a coca-cola spot and a tape English language lesson for beginners too. So I came out with that silly "How do you do... all the things that you do...", fitting the melody in a perfect way. Moreover it was all so catchy that I didn't even had the urge to write it down or record it because it was so worm-hearing that it was impossible to get it out of my head! That-fucking-worked!

Since I hate stupid things I tried to fill the rest of the songs with indie hints and quotes and battles of words on this icon of Country Girl trying to fit in the cool world of the trendy urban youth without a point, unconscious that her real appeal is brought by her belonging to a genuine and honest tiny world.

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